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Business Health Check-up Results

Turn Your Dying Business Into A Healthy, Growing Business!

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Here’s what your Business Health score means to you…

And what you can do to make your business stronger, so it provides you the income and freedom you want.

First, if your score indicated that your business IS growing instead of dying, Congratulations! You’ve done a great job with your business.

Now if your Check-Up Score didn’t indicate that your business is growing…

Here’s a review of each Check-Up Question, and what answering YES or NO means to you and your business:


1. Did you generate more revenue in the last 12 months than you did in the previous 12 months?

If you answered NO to this question, unfortunately, your business is dying. Which means you should pay close attention to the rest of our Check-Up Questions below.

In case you’re wondering, there is no “standing still” or remaining the same in business. Your business is always

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either growing or dying.

If you answered YES, your business is indeed growing, and the overall health of your business is good, at this point in time.


2. Did you bank more profits in the last 12 months than you did in the previous 12 months?

If you answered NO to this question, your business is dying. To the extent of how much profit you didn’t make in the last year, compared to the previous year.

While answering YES to this question is an indicator that the health of your business is good, any decrease in profits could mean a trend to your business health degrading.


3. Do you know where you stand now with the profitability of your products and marketing?

If you answered NO, this is a significant factor that is affecting the health of your business in a negative way. The fact is, if does cialis increase sperm volume you don’t know where you stand now, it’s difficult to improve the health of your business.

If you answered YES, you not only are on top of the stats for your business, it is likely that your business will remain healthy. Since you are monitoring your sales and marketing effectiveness, and can quickly make improvements when profitability trends are lower than normal.


4. Have you implemented the marketing systems you know you must have to succeed?

If you answered NO, you’ve just uncovered the critical #1 factor which is holding your business back. Just like you can’t expect your car to operate properly with half an engine, you business will never perform the way you want it to if the essential parts of your business have not been implemented, tested and improved.

If you answered YES, you at least have fully functional marketing to drive the profitability of your business. And to keep the cash flow positive from month to month.


5. Are you able to keep up with the demands of never ending content creation?

If you answered NO, you have the same problem of 80% of business owners online. Keeping up with the ever-increasing demands for content creation. And without a steady flow of new content to attract leads, convert them into prospects, and turn them into paying customers, your business health will never be good.

If you answered YES to this question, you have a process in place that gets all of the content you must have produced in a timely fashion. Produced by qualified content writers who write for your specific business and situation.


6. Have you built a strong social media presence that’s easy to manage?

If you answered viagra tabs 100mg NO, it’s no wonder why. You’re either trying to keep up with all of your social media responsibilities by yourself, or you are ignoring social media completely. Which in either case, is a sure sign that your business is dying, more and more each day.

If you answered YES, you’re a smart business owner who has a dedicated person or team, whose only responsibility is making updates and posts, connecting and engaging with your followers, attracting more followers from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and more. Great job!


7. Does your business use automated presentation systems, where you can engage, sell and follow up with prospects 24/7, without you?

If you answered NO, whether you have an online-only business, or an offline business, your business health is handicapped every day without automated marketing systems. You’ll make less sales, you’ll bring in less profits, and you’ll never have the freedom you want, because you’re always working IN your business doing the marketing manually.

If you answered YES, you ARE a smart business owner. Because with the high level of marketing automation technology available, there is no reason for anyone to be doing manual marketing anymore.


8. Do you have processes in place that take new prospects down a path that leads to them becoming a customer, then a repeat customer?

If you answered NO, you’re not using “funnel marketing” is viagra prescription only uk in your business. Which is a sign of poor business health. You’re not creating new customers every day… You’re not enabling customers to buy from you more often… You’re not increasing the value of what you’re customers get… and you’re not increasing the size of the transactions your customers make.

If you answered YES, you have a healthy business BECAUSE you’re using systemized “funnel marketing” to do the heavy lifting. Making your customers happy by letting them experience the “next level” of what they’ve bought from you. And increasing the valuethey get every time they take another step up your product or services “ladder.”


9. Do you have professional copywriters crafting your landing pages, sales letters, blog posts and other communication?

If you answered NO, this is another area where you are severely handicapping your business. Unless you are a trained, experienced copywriter yourself, there is no way you can maximize revenue like you could with the help of an experienced, professional copywriter. There is really no getting around this, if you want to have a healthy, profitable business.

If you answered YES, you are either a copywriter yourself, or have secured the services of one on an ongoing basis. When you have a steady stream of engaging communication, irresistibleoffers that your prospects desire, and lead generation pages that work effectively, you really have the keys to the Business Success kingdom.

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10. Do you have a web designer you can count on to create your web pages, graphics and lead generation documents?

If you answered NO, is there any wonder why the health of your business is not good? In this day and age, people expect a great experience when visiting your website. If they show up, and see a site that looks like your 10 year old created it, they’ll be off in an instant, possibly to your competitor’s site.

If you answered YES, you’re a smart business owner who realizes first impressions are everything. And that ongoing conversations and experiences with your business must be interesting and engaging for them to follow you. Which includes graphics, web pages and documents produced in a professional manner.


11. Do you have technical skills, or people who do, for implementing the technical aspects of your website and marketing with ease?

If you answered NO, your life as a business owner is much more complicated and stressful than it needs to be. And this situation is affecting the health of your business. Look, there is no avoiding technology in business anymore. And if you’re not using technology, or struggling with it yourself and wasting countless hours of productivity, you’re seriously putting your business at risk.

If you answered YES, you’re in good shape. Because you are able to implement technical tasks at will. And you won’t fall victim to the most common “bottleneck” businesses face, technology. You won’t have to wait months just to get a simple technical task completed, and you’ll never have to wait weeks for just one small technical update to be made.


12. Do you, or you have someone to, collect and analyze data from your business, website and marketing every week, and present you with an does viagra cause heart attacks actionable, concise report?

If you answered NO, you probably don’t know where you stand in your business right now. And you’ll never be able to test and improve effectively, without quick access to data and testing reports. Including overall activity on your website.

If you answered YES, you can breathe easy. Because have easy access to all the data and analytics of your business. So you know exactly what’s working and what’s not. So you can run tests easily, and make small improvements that have a big affect onyour bottom line.


13. Do you have a competitive advantage in your market?

If you answered NO, or you don’t even know what a competitive advantage is, your business will be an uphill climb all the way. Since your competitors are the ones with a competitive advantage, and you are just getting the scraps of what’s left over in your market.

If you answered YES, you are in the driver’s seat. With your competitive advantage, it’s your competitors who have to settle for the scraps. And because of the health of your business, you can afford to pay more for advertising. Effectively putting handcuffs on your competitors.


14. Do you enjoy working on your business as it is now?

If you answered NO to this question, every day is a struggle. And you’re working much harder than you have to, while getting only a fraction of the results you should. You started a business to break free from working at a job, for a boss. But you’ve only created another glorified job for yourself. And you’re the boss over a business that doesn’t get you excited. Which is the worst place to be in business.

If you answered YES though, you are living the dream. You enjoy your business, and are being richly rewarded for your efforts. You’re in the great position of being able to bring value to a market, earn nice profits, and set yourself up to sell your business when you want to. When you’ll get a large cash windfall, usually near 5 TIMES the yearly revenue you generate.


15. Are you well on your way to achieving your goals?

If you answered NO, you are spinning your wheels, no matter how hard you work, or how many hours you put in every week. If you are not achieving your goals, your business’ health is weak at best. Which will not enable you to live the life of your dreams. And won’t provide you the income, security and peace of mind you desire.

If you answered YES to this question, congratulations! Your hard work is paying off. And you have a health business to show for it. You’ve already achieved many of your goals. And you’ll attain goal after goal after goal in the future. Because you have all the parts essential for a healthy business, working like they are supposed to. While you work when you want, doing what you want, from where ever you want!


What To Do If Your Business Is NOT Healthy…
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