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Business Health Check

Welcome To Your Business Health Check-Up...
From the "Marketing Wizards" at Kahzoom
Answer "Yes" Or "No" To The Questions Below.

(You will receive an email in ten minutes, with your Business Health Check-Up score.)

1)Did you generate more revenue in the last 12 months than you did in the previous 12 months?

2)Did you bank more profits in the last 12 months than you did in the previous 12 months?

3)Do you know where you stand now with the profitability of your products and marketing?

4)Have you implemented the marketing systems you know you must have to succeed?

5)Are you able to keep up with the demands of never ending content creation?

6)Have you built a strong social media presence that's easy to manage?

7)Does your business use automated presentation systems, where you can engage, sell and follow up with prospects 24/7, without you?

8)Do you have processes in place that take new prospects down a path that leads to them becoming a customer, then a repeat customer?

9)Do you have professional copywriters crafting your landing pages, sales letters, blog posts and other communication?

10)Do you have a web designer you can count on to create your web pages, graphics and lead generation documents?

11)Do you have technical skills, or people who do, for implementing the technical aspects of your website and marketing with ease?

12)Do you, or you have someone to, collect and analyze data from your business, website and marketing every week, and present you with an actionable, concise report?

13)Do you have a competitive advantage in your market?

14)Do you enjoy working on your business as it is now?

15)Are you well on your way to achieving your goals?

16)Years In Business?

17)Annual Revenue

18)Is your business Online/Offline/Both?




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