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Setting Up Your “Techie” Ecommerce System by Yourself?

Have a New Ecommerce System…

But Have No Idea How To Get It Working…

Or Even Where To Start?

Here’s How You Can Easily Have Us…

Set Up and Maximize Your Ecommerce System
To Work Like You Want And Make More Sales!


No Sales = NO Business!

shopping-cart-moneyThe lifeblood of any business is making sales, and creating customers. In today’s technical world, if you don’t have a full-featured “ecommerce” system handling your sales, fulfilling your product orders, and keeping track of all the accounting…

Your business is operating with a disadvantage from the start.

Now, if you’ve tried to set up your own full-blown Ecommerce system from scratch, you know the stress and the headaches first-hand. And it’s all caused by you not being a “techie”… but trying to do a techie’s job… unsuccessfully.

There are just so many little things that need to be set up, configured and tested, it can be almost impossible to figure out the problem, when you’ve spent hours on it, and it’s still not working!

You have a website and a product… but now you’re stuck!


ecommerce processThe technical parts of what makes the internet and websites work drive the average person absolutely crazy. But people still feel compelled to try and do technical things themselves. Only to get no where, fast.

One of the basic principles of being a business owner is to always play to your strengths. Which means avoiding activities that are not your strengths, like technical tasks.

Instead of getting frustrated, spending countless hours trying to figure technical things out for yourself, just to end up stuck… it always

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pays to get a qualified professional to do it for you.

If your car had an engine problem, would you spend a week trying to fix it yourself? Or would you call your local qualified mechanic to help you out? If you’re smart, you’d…

Put your problem in the hands of an expert.

The Technical Wizards at Kahzoom are your solution for getting the technical parts of your business implemented like you expect. Done right and working the first time. Without any stress or any headaches.

So why is having a full-featured Ecommerce system so important to your business?

1. Online sales outweigh sales made offline.

Whether your customers buy from you online or offline… many people enjoy the convenience of being able to shop from home. Online shopping makes things easy, and eliminates a trip to the store to make a purchase. Which especially important for those who live in rural areas, who may have to drive hours to the nearest city.

2. Websites influence purchase decisions.

It’s proven that many consumers will check out websites for information about a product they are interested in before they buy. And when they see what they are looking for on your website, the last thing they want is a difficult time buying, or using and order system that doesn’t work correctly. Then having to go through days of customer service just to get what they ordered. Instead, your new customer can easily go away forever.

3. Holiday sales.

Many people now do their shopping online for the holidays. By viewing various websites, they are able to compare and decide upon which purchases to make. With so many potential sales, if your business falls behind in developing or properly maintaining your Ecommerce site, this could translate into many lost sales.

4. Automatic Upsells increase average order amount.

Your well set up and optimized Ecommerce system can also present your shoppers with additional offers and products at checkout. This can increase your average order amount, by making other offers that go with the product they are buying. All done at the time they are ready to buy, with credit card in hand.

Maximizing your Ecommerce site for more sales

By having a number of critical steps maximized on your site, you can make it an ideal shopping environment, and greatly increase your potential for sales. Having your site running quickly and smoothly so shoppers don’t get frustrated is a must.

They’ve got to be able to search for what they want quickly, find the right product for them, make a purchase, and get it delivered to them with absolutely no problems. Or you may have a return and refund situation on your hands.

To avoid losing out on potential sales, and to ensure your site and Ecommerce system is always working with optimal performance…


Let the Kahzoom Technical Wizards set up and configure your Ecommerce system correctly from he start. And keep it running smoothly month after month.

The Kahzoom Technical Team will work with you to:

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  • Set-up and configure your Ecommerce solution
  • Set-up, configure and test your merchant account
  • Import and publish product images for your storefront*
  • Import and publish product descriptions for every item*
  • Create your product pages that compel people to buy*
  • Create your after-order thank you pages and fulfillment*
  • Integrate the entire process seamlessly into your website

Stop trying to do all the technical parts of your business yourself. Get the experts at Kahzoom to do it for you, today!

*Content is not included, but is available with our Plus Content Solution.

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