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funnel marketingEver hear of “RFM”? It stands for Recency… Frequency… and Monetary. And it’s at the heart of every healthy, profitable, successful business. In short, we’re talking about: The last time your customer made a purchase… Recency. How often your customer purchases from you… Frequency. And how much your customer spends with you each time… Monetary. Make it your goal to increase each of these “RFM” factors in your business, and you have a bright future ahead. Ignore RFM at your peril. So what is the best way to increase your RFM? And be in a position to improve it even more over time? By practicing one of the most efficient and profitable marketing methods you can use… “Funnel Marketing” Funnel marketing is an extremely cost-effective way to communicate with prospective and existing customers. Using targeted email marketing campaigns, that are all part of one complex marketing system, you are able to start building a relationship with your prospects, the moment they enter your world. Once your prospect registers on your website to receive an attractive educational resource, or even access to a demonstration of your products, they enter your “marketing funnel.” When you can follow up on their original request, encourage consumption, let them get to know you, bring them even more value, and win them over a new customer. Which is great… and does not stop there. Next, your marketing funnel continues delivering value and building the relationship. Which leads to offers to buy more of what they already bought, or to buy another product from you. This process can repeat itself over and over again. So the customer

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never forgets about you, and never thinks they are not getting good service, or that you have forgotten about them and don’t care about them. Creates New Customers Efficiently Getting new customers is hard work – it’s also really expensive. In fact, it can be up to eight to ten times more expensive to acquire a new customer, than to sell to an existing one. To acquire new customers, you have to factor in the cost of advertising, educating and marketing to them. Get Existing Customers To Buy Again When you get an existing customer to buy from you again, using “Upsells” and “Cross-sells”, the profits are much larger. This method by itself can easily add an extra 30% to your average order value. As you don’t have the advertising and education costs to deal with. And you are increasing their Lifetime Value to your business which very important. target market This is what enables you to spend more on advertising than your competitors can. Because you know in the long run, you stand to make a lot more from one new customer than just the initial purchase. This strong position creates competitive advantage, and leads to market domination. A great place to be! Drives Offline Purchases Surprisingly to some people, email marketing is often a catalyst for web users to make a purchase offline. A recent survey revealed that 59% of email users said they have made a purchase offline after receiving an email promotion. Cost-Effective Marketing Funnel Marketing is a more inexpensive marketing channel, compared to sending direct mails to clients. It’s not free, but it is very cost-effective, because of its ability to reach the masses at a low cost. And email marketing has proven itself as an activity that brings a positive Return on Investment. It doesn’t matter what type of business or industry you’re in, Funnel Marketing will have a positive impact on your business. Now as you can imagine, Funnel Marketing systems can get very complex, while being very profitable. It’s well worth your resources to adopt Funnel Marketing in your business. There’s just one problem.. there’s no way you can build one

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yourself. Unless you are really good with technology, are a very good sales writer, and have a lot of extra time on your hands. Let the Kahzoom Technology and Marketing Wizards create an advanced Funnel Marketing system for your business, and your business will improve in a short period of time. Our “Done With You” process of gathering all the information necessary, allows us to focus on your specific business, products and needs. Enabling our “Done For You” process to create your Funnel Marketing system, without you lifting a finger. You just give us the information we need for your specific situation, and we do the rest! What we will do for you: crm-marketing

    • Marketing strategy calls with our team
    • Set-up and configure your CRM system
    • Set-up your Funnel Marketing campaigns
    • Create and post email subscription forms
    • Create email broadcast messages*
    • Create your autoresponder messages*
    • Create your sales and landing pages*
    • Set-up List segmentation
    • List Management best-practices
    • Track and report results

And we’ve made it easy for you to get started with your Funnel marketing system today!




*Content is not included, but is available with our Plus Content Solution