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Kahzoom Online Marketing Packages

Kahzoom “Strategize, Engage and Convert” Done-With-You Online Marketing Package

The Experts at Kahzoom Online Marketing work WITH you to help you gain clarity on exactly what you want to accomplish. Then establish a simplified process which enables all of the work needed to get done, with only minimal interaction on your part… painting a clear picture of moving from where you are now (Point A), to where you want to be (Point B).

Then we work with you to roll out a monthly Content Engagement Plan where we do ALL of the implementation FOR YOU!

Then we work with you to roll out your Systemized Email Marketing Funnel System, plus your Automated Webinar Sales System… where we do ALL of the implementation FOR YOU!

Your “Strategize and Engage” Marketing Package Includes:

– Current Business Positioning Analysis
– Current Marketing Effectiveness Analysis
– Key Resources of Business Analysis
– Definition of USP – Value Proposition Clarity
– Competitive Advantage Analysis
– Prospect-Ideal Client Analysis
– Prospect/Market Research Analysis
– Market/Niche Keyword Analysis
– Direct/Indirect Competitor Analysis
– Current Profitability Analysis
– Company Details Reveal Analysis
– SWOT Analysis
– Current Business Model Snapshot (Point A)
– One Year Business Vision
– One Year Business Model Snapshot (Point B)


– Monthly Ongoing Content Creation Strategy
– Monthly Content Creation and Delivery Calendar
– Professionally Managed By Kahzoom’s Copy Chief
– Monthly Content Implementation For Blog and Newsletter
– Monthly Social Media Content Strategy
– Monthly Existing Content Repurposing Strategy
– Monthly Social Media Content Implementation
– Across Up To 4 Social Media Channels



- One Email Marketing Funnel Per Month For Two Months
- Email Marketing Funnel #1 Includes:
* Optimized Landing Page For Lead Magnet Registration
* Consumption and Relationship Building Email Communications
* Promotional Emails To Promote Your Low-Priced Front-End Product
- Email Marketing Funnel #2 Includes:
* Consumption and Relationship Building For Front End Product Customers
* Promotional Emails To Promote Your Low-Priced Membership Program
* Sales Letter For Your
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Membership Program Offer
* Consumption and Relationship Building For Membership Customers
- Automated Webinar Sales System Creation/Implementation (Over Two Months)
- Automated Webinar Sales System Includes:
* Optimized Webinar Registration Landing Page
* Invitation Email Promos For Attending Webinar
* Post-Registration Webinar Email Series
* Registered Did Not Attend Email Series
* Attended Did Not See Offer Email Series
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Buy Email Series
* Technical Implementation of All Email Series
* Technical Implementation of Email Path Triggers
* Creation and Technical Implementation of Webinar Slides
– Technical Implementation of Your Webinar Script to Video
– Analytics Provided For All Email Marketing Funnels and Webinar Sales System

Kahzoom “Strategize Engage Covert” Done-With-You Online Marketing Package
$7,000/Month – Ongoing Monthly Service For Twelve Months

Kahzoom Online Marketing Roadmap Packages


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